Translation from English to Swedish and Swedish to American English


We are currently working on redesigning this site. It will be live again soon. However, I will provide you with some short information about me and my services below. If you want more information, contact me and I will gladly answer any questions you may have. 

Truly professional translation services

I can help you translate any kind of text—books, blog posts, product catalogs, websites etc.— from all versions of English to Swedish and from Swedish to American English. All the work is done by me—no bad machine translations! 

Who am I then? My name is Sophie Påhlsson. I have a Master (60 credits) of Arts with a specialization in technical translation. This means that I am very different from most translators. Most translators today have never studied languages at all and have never taken a class in translation either. Global translation agencies hire people to translate into a language just because that language is their native language. They just have to pass a short translation test consisting of translating maybe half a page. Most translation programs are graduate programs, meaning you have to have completed a BA with a major in some language before even starting. 

I graduated from Linnaeus translator’s program in 2013 and have since worked on a variety of projects. I have quite extensive experience in translating marketing material for IT companies selling different kinds of software, often ERP systems or systems for managing your logistics, but can handle any subject and any type of text thanks to the stable foundation of my education. 



Depends on what you want me to translate. Is it fiction or non-ficton? Is is marketing material? Is it a book or a short text? The price for a translation of literature is normally set per 1,000 characters (including spaces) in the finished translation, but for everything else you will normally pay a fixed price per word in the original text. The price per word will be different if it is a general text that does not require that the translator knows any thing else but general everyday words. Marketing jargon is considered technical jargon just like medical, financial, legal etc. jargons as well since it is very special. Contact me and tell me what your text is all about and I will give you a quote. If you do not know the total number of words in your text, that is okay. I will give you a per word price. If you want a definite estimate, however, you will need to know the total word count in your text/s. 

Some Short References

Most of the projects I work on are short. Most of the time it is websites and blog posts for companies marketing departments. Naturally, I want to show you the most recent projects I have worked on. If you are considering hiring me as your translator I will gladly send you links to projects that will show you what I can do. Two people who truly know what I am capable of as a translator are Magnus Levin, PhD and Sheila Feldmanis at Linneaus University. They have known me for years—first as my teachers and then as my colleagues when I worked at the School of Language and Literature. 


Sophie Påhlsson has been my student on the bachelor’s and master’s level, and she has also served as my administrative colleague at the School of Language and Literature. I supervised both her bachelor’s and her master’s theses, and have taught her in the course on translation from English to Swedish. Sophie is a reliable, pleasant, hard-working, trouble-shooting, deadline-keeping colleague, student and translator. She is an excellent English-Swedish translator (as I know from having taught her). And her English skills are virtually on a native level as well. I give her my warmest recommendations possible.

Magnus Levin, PhD

I have had the great pleasure of teaching Sophie on the module Translation to English. Sophie’s work has been of exceptionally high standard. She translates to English with a feeling for the language which is rare in someone who is not a native speaker. Her final translations have a natural flow and leave no traces of being a translated text. Sophie’s comments and her justifications demonstrate that she is well-informed and understands the complexity and challenges of translation.

Sheila Feldmanis, Adjunkt

Bachelor's and Master's Theses

The subject for both BA and my MA theses was translation. For my BA thesis I wrote about the translation of the first three Harry Potter books from English to Swedish. For my MA thesis I wrote about the translation of medical texts.  View both as pdf-files by clicking the buttons below.

Hear Me Speak

General writing helps me grow as a translator as well. Therefore I always have a few writing projects that I work on between translation projects. Counting different versions and translations, I have published roughly 40 audiobooks. So far, each one of these audiobooks is a guided meditation, relaxation exercise, or sleep story. I often write them in English at first and then I translate them into Swedish. Below you can listen to the Swedish and English versions of The Rose Garden, which are some of the products I have made available on YouTube. I narrate both meditations myself. 

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